Experience the joy of audio, video and documents from a single place.

Attachments and links are so last year! Inform, educate and entertain by creating a rich, unified content experience.

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Kytes – The Swiss Army Knife of Content Distribution.

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The Kytes Studio and Player let you create customized user groups and distribute curated content experiences to them.


Upload, distribute and analyze your content from a single place – the Kytes Studio


Experience the joy of audio, video and documents from a single place – the Kytes Player


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Create branded channels and offer an exclusive experience
Drag & drop content from your desktop or Dropbox
Play over 16 types of content in one platform
Tell the complete story using – video, audio, pdf, ppt, doc, eBook etc.
One-click distribution to various target groups
Protect content from plagiarism and indiscriminate sharing

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The mechanism that powers Kytes is trusted by over 15 million users worldwide.

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