Any Industry

If you have the content, we have the platform to distribute it. Whatever be your content, whoever be your audience, Kytes helps you distribute it all to just the right people.

✓ Real Estate

✓ Travel & Airlines

✓ Leisure & Hospitality

✓ Restaurants & Lifestyle

✓ Publishers & Associations

✓ Small/Medium Businesses

Deliver a multi-sensory experience

16 content types – audio, video, text, interactivity – all in one app

Keep related content together

Package your content into meaningful collections.

Share with the right people, instantly

Simplified distribution to target the right people.

Find a cost-effective pricing plan

Flexible pricing plans to suit small-businesses as well as enterprises.

No more sending links & attachments

Deliver an experience, not fragmented information.

Your content is secure & confidential

No download and forward options for security & confidentiality.

How you can use Kytes

◉ Connect deeper with your audience by appealing at multiple levels.

⦾ Your content is of different types. But they are now being distributed from different places and don’t tell a coherent story. Some content is on the web site; some sent via emails; something else is on YouTube, Vimeo or Spotify. Your users get “information”, not a cohesively told story.

⦾ Use Kytes to share brochures, “voice of people like you” videos, tours, webinars, podcasts, explainer videos and much more about your programs and products. All, in one place. No more fragmented information, frustrating app-switching and getting distracted by recommendations from competitors. Easy for you to manage. Easy for users to watch, listen and read about your offering – as a cohesive story. Create an experience.

◉ To successfully launch a product, you have to tell a compelling story.

⦾ Send compelling communication about your product to people you’d like to influence the most. Don’t share disconnected pieces of information that’s all over the place. Keep it together. Make it an experience.

⦾ With Kytes, share recorded demos, product videos, testimonials, PPT presentations, white papers and press releases through a single, secure app. Group different types of content together to tell a complete story. Share the entire story all at once with just the right people. Easy for admins. A rich experience of your USP for your audience.

◉ Keep high-margin customers specially engaged

⦾ Create a “Club” for the premium customers. Share exclusive content, and even disseminate special deals and discounts to them.

⦾ Kytes allows you to create custom groups and custom content collections. These can be made available to only special groups of users. E.g. paid users, premium customers, regular patrons etc.

◉ Patrons return to familiar places that keep them engaged throughout

⦾ Keeping patrons informed of the wonderful initiatives and upgrades you have made makes you an exciting place to be in. Email marketing alone doesn’t help as your brand value risks being diluted from being perceived as ‘spam’.

⦾ Kytes helps you deliver content experiences without feeling like an email spammer. Share brochures, new program/experience videos, testimonials etc. as a targeted, joyful experience.

◉ Conserve marketing budget by sharing information that matches your users’ context.

⦾ What is everybody’s is nobody’s. Therefore, horses for courses; ‘nuff said!

⦾ Use Kytes as a way to engage with your audiences at the right level. Create different content collections for different distribution lists. All actionable. No junk. E.g. Real estate agents may wish to showcase the right type of projects depending upon their customers’ budget. Restaurants may have different wine selections for different classes of customers.

Hear it from happy Kytes customers