Cookies Policy


Some of our web pages including our third-party service providers store and use “cookies” to better understand your browsing preferences and behavior and accordingly provide you with customized information to optimize your user experience on further visits to our Website or Application / Platform. Cookies are identifiers that are stored on your computer’s browser directory. They are created when you use your browser to visit our Application. They keep track of your movements within our Application, help you resume where you left off, remember your registered login and other functions. You can set your browser to notify you when you are sent a cookie, giving you the option to decide whether or not to accept it.[You may get cookies from our advertisers. We do not control these cookies, and once you have clicked on the advertisement and left our Application, our Privacy Policy no longer applies.]

We also use Google Analytics, a third-party website analytics tool, to collect website trends in an anonymous way, without identifying particular users. Google Analytics may then use cookies to collect certain information to compile these website trends. However, as mentioned above, any information so collected shall be duly anonymized such that it is not possible for us to identify individuals based on their website browsing behavior and preferences.