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With Kytes, increase enrollments, improve learning outcomes and get more funding and visibility with targeted communication.

✓ Corporate L&D

✓ Private tutors

✓ Schools & universities

✓ Personal coaches

Cater to every type of learner

Share content in over 16 formats – audio, video, ebooks, pdf, doc, ppt etc.

Improve your overall enrollments

Engage parents and students with rich information & content.

Simplify admission & administration

Share orientation and compliance materials ahead of time.

Make re-skilling content learning stick

Pre-training and post-training content make learning stick.

Engage alumni with better content

Share salient activities and achievements with alumni.

Share recorded lectures securely

Don’t let your content be misused – share safely with users.

How you can use Kytes

◉ Drop in enrollments: 5-10% across colleges.

⦾ Higher-ed institutions are looking for ways to engage prospective students better by putting up exciting videos of the campus, student voices etc. on YouTube, Spotify, college website and other places. This is a lot of effort for students. An integrated way to share documents, brochures, videos and audio would serve the community well and help students be better informed. ⦾ Use Kytes to share college brochures, academic programs, “voice of students” videos, virtual campus tours, webinars, podcasts and much more about your programs. All, in one place. Easy for you to manage. Easy for students and parents to watch, listen and read about you.

◉ Online tutoring is growing at 18% during the pandemic. But 70% of internet learners unethically use and share open digital content.

⦾ However, private teachers struggle to keep content safe online. Digital content is easily forwarded from a current student to a prospective new student. The power of private tutoring is the exclusive content that students get access to, as well as the high quality lectures from expert teachers. During the pandemic both became available digitally, making it easy for students to share indiscriminately. ⦾ With Kytes, tutors and coaching centers may freely record lectures and share with their large online class sizes without worrying about content protection. ⦾ Share recorded lectures, digital lecture notes in PDF format, PPT presentations, explainer videos, exemplar answers and many such teaching aids through a single, secure app. Easy for admins. No distraction for students.

◉ Increase your training ROI by 4x with reinforcement materials.

⦾ Training sticks better when there is preparatory work done beforehand, and when there is follow-up afterwards. ⦾ Kytes allows trainers to share content periodically with their trainees even after training is over. Learners remember content over a period of time. Keeping in touch with trainees helps the trainer’s personal credibility and brand value as well.

◉ 80% of alumni find “significant impact” from digital engagement.

⦾ Educational institutions use emails and web content to keep alumni informed. Much of this ends up in Spam folders. Some of the content may be on video distribution channels like YouTube. This does not provide a consolidated picture of events, nor does it engage well. ⦾ Kytes helps your institution share brochures, event videos, talks, recorded webinars, research reports, balance sheets and other such valuable information on a single platform, with alumni, as a targeted, unified, joyful experience.

◉ 9 out of 10 executives need more information on coaching!

⦾ Coaching is an ongoing process involving personal consultations and sharing useful information. Coaches engage better with their clients when they share valuable life stories, behavior examples and curated research information. ⦾ Use Kytes as a coach to create and maintain a high personal brand value by engaging intelligently with your clients. Share motivational videos, intelligent podcasts, eBooks, and research reports on a single platform. All useful content. No distraction. No chatter. No junk.

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