Manufacturing & Logistics

Conduct training for line-staff and keep remote factories and distributors informed.

✓ Remote factories

✓ Distributors

✓ Regulators

✓ Media

Introduce information in an engaging way

Go past brochures & data sheets. Share experiences, expertise in 16+ formats.

Create a unified culture channel of different contents

Share videos, victories, best practices and voice of employees across locations.

Train your employees & keep staff updated

Keep staff updated and informed about new equipment and procedures.

Ensure awareness of regulations with secure content

No more spam or filtered attachments. Content is guaranteed to reach its audience.

Onboard new employees and vendors

Share document packets easily. Make the onboarding easy & interesting too.

How you can use Kytes

◉ Far-flung offices and factories may be feeling left out.

⦾ Create an inclusive and consistent culture across geographies by sharing news.

⦾ Create a positive company culture and sense of belonging with Kytes. Share entertaining videos about “employees speak”, “voice of our customers”, event recordings, CEO messages and product updates through a common channel.

◉ Productivity relies on training.

⦾ Ensure that staff know the SOPs of new processes and get the latest update in regulations or the law.

⦾ Use Kytes to communicate directly with staff, however far-flung. Train them on processes, new equipment, culture, communication etc. throughout the year. No need of expensive offsites.

◉ Specifications, shared right, create fewer errors later.

⦾ Ensure that vendors know the exact specification of the product right. Share product data sheets with clients to help them make choices. Keep customers updated on the latest catalogue.

⦾ Use Kytes to communicate directly with customers, vendors and intermediaries, however far-flung. Keep them updated with the latest catalogue, data sheets, and videos on how to use the products.

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