Medical & Pharmaceutical

Drug information is detailed and technical, and regulatory mandates are strict. Use Kytes to:

✓ Train for in-depth product knowledge

✓ Cater to more knowledgeable patient queries

✓ Help follow ethical practices by keeping staff informed

Have a Digital Omnichannel Strategy

Engage with 16+ content types – audio, video, ppt, pdf etc.

Have Client-focused Dialogues

Share custom-grouped content with the targeted audience.

Increase Salesforce Effectiveness

Help salesforce tell the whole story coherently, from one place.

Share Richer Product Information

Multi-sensory product marketing and training to excite and entice.

Take Action Informed by Analytics

Crisp analytics & actionable reports about content and user behavior.

Share Confidentially with Regulators

Share sensitive information. No forward sharing, no content leak.

How you can use Kytes

◉ US pharmaceutical sales reps spend 90% of their time traveling and waiting

⦾ Empower medical sales representatives with digital aids. Support the dialogue between the sales rep and the Healthcare Service Provider (HCP / HSP).

⦾ Use e-detailing for greater engagement, efficiency and effectiveness. Using Kytes, package brochures, video guides, infographics, presentations, case studies and much more in a handy collection. The sales rep accesses the collection and takes the HCP on a pleasant experience learning about the drug, how it works and administrative data such as dosage, efficacy, tolerability etc.

◉ “Physicians and patients expect the pharma industry to be responsive and responsible.” - Anand Kiran, Co-Founder, Indegene Lifesystems

⦾ Train lab technicians quicker on procedures & equipment usage. As part of a primary course, or for continual education, lab technicians need to be trained on how to use the equipment and materials in the lab.

⦾ With Kytes, make the process simple by sharing collections of content relevant to each procedure, diagnostic type, disease etc. Make the training engaging by sharing training material in different formats, including eBooks, audio, video, PPTs etc.

◉ COVID-specific training for various user groups

⦾ Directly connecting to the public and the media can be done easily and cost-effectively using Kytes. Take charge of your public image and talk to us about distributing to millions of people.

◉ Empower doctors with richer information to share with patients

⦾ Empower doctors and other heath care professionals (HCP / HSP) with up-to-date information in rich formats to better educate and respond to their patients.

◉ Keep regulators and investigators informed

⦾ Proactively share information with regulators, investigators and other governance authorities to address risks and be compliant with regulations.

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